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Back to School Hairstyles

It's tough going back to school after a long, relaxing, summer break. You've gone from taking it easy and sleeping in, to that dreaded alarm sound forcing you and your young ones out of bed early in the morning again. We know that feeling well, so we've decided to make it a bit less stressful and help ease you back into the daily school routine with these quick, easy and super cute 'back to school' looks.

High Pony Tail

We love a high pony tail - it's so versatile and is perfect for any hair texture and style. Whether your little one has short thin locks, long thick hair or something in between, this look is by far one of the quickest and easiest styles to achieve and will keep hair off your her face so she can stay cool and concentrate on her school work all day long!


Pigtails work great for those days where you want to look like you've made an effort, with your little one's hair, without having to actually do so. This easy hairstyle, will keep the hair out of the way, whilst not compromising on style. The best part is, this hair style looks adorable whether your child's hair is curly, straight or wavy and can be done as neat or as relaxed as you desire.

Artsy Hairclips

A return from the 90's, this hair clip style is one of the biggest trends of 2019 with celebrities such as Kendal Jenner and Miley Cyrus flaunting this look. You can use one or multiple clips to liven up any hairstyle; simply part the hair as desired and secure with your chosen clips - whether a middle or side parting this look will guarantee a sleek, innocent style. Opting for an embellished or patterned styled clip, will never fail to leave your little girl feeling super glamorous.

Half-Up, Half-Down

Half-up half-down hairstyles will never go out of style. They're one of the most popular hairstyles for all occasions, and also very practical. They offer the best of both worlds - the soft and sweet look of having your hair down, coupled with the polished charm that comes with an up-do. To take the cuteness level up another notch, we suggest a high pony tail, and a pretty bow that will leave your little one feeling like the princess she is.

Top Knot

The top knot is the ultimate 'go-to' for most people on the third or fourth day of their hair cycle because it's super easy to achieve, whilst still looking ultra-chic and put together. It's perfect for those days you're running late. The best news is it works on every hair type, so whether her locks are straight or curly, long or short, thick or thin, the top knot will look fabulous on your little girl! Simply tie up her mane, in as sleek or as messy a bun you prefer, and go!

And of course we didn't forget about your boys! Keep reading for our favourite boy hairstyles that are super easy and will keep them looking neat and tidy all day...

Side Swoop

This side swoop is great for a super fast but groomed look for your little boy. This style works best with medium length hair on the top and short sides, it's a no fuss hair style and perfect for those boys who just can't sit still. Short sides will ensure your son will look tidy all day despite the day's adventures and activities. Simply brush the hair it it's natural direction and your son is ready to go.

Brushed Up Quiff

This looks harder than it actually is, and is great for a smarter and sharper look. Grab yourself some wax or grip cream and a comb and you're halfway there. We recommend the Wella EIMI Grip Cream, as it's a soft textured cream that will give your boy's hair a strong but flexible hold. Available in store while stocks last. For an added twist to a standard quiff brush the hair off to the side. This is a great option for his first day back, your little one will feel super cool and modern and ready for the day ahead.


This hairstyle is for those boys who prefer their hair longer and more relaxed. It allows the hair to sit as it likes with very minimal effort required. Simply brush it neatly and put some cream in if the hair is prone to frizz and let the hair do the rest. We would recommend the Wella EIMI Perfect Me, this delicate lotion will add shine as well as repair, moisturise and tame flyaways. Available in store while stocks last. This hair style the perfect balance of neat for you and relaxed for your little one, and the best part is it's so easy, he will do it himself in no time!

No matter what look you choose, these styles are the perfect options for a quick and easy yet fashionable fix for your child's hair, whilst you are getting back into your school routine. And of course don't forget to treat yourselves after surviving the summer holidays with 5% off all hair and beauty services at SunnyHair this September 2019!

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