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We aim to ensure all of our customers leave the salon feeling better for their treatment or service and are satisfied with the quality and level of service offered.


On the rare occasion where customers are unhappy with the service they have received or are dissatisfied with the results of a treatment or service, we refer you (the customer) to our current complaints policy, below:


1.  In the first instance, any complaints should be raised with the salon manager. This can be done either directly or via your stylist or beautician. 

2.  The complaint should be raised during or immediately after the treatment given, whilst you are still in the salon, so that staff have an opportunity to rectify the issue to a satisfactory standard.

3.  If you are unable to stay immediately to remedy the situation, then we will arrange a suitable time for you to return to our salon to fix the problem. You may request a different member of staff to correct the issue.

4.  If the dissatisfaction has occurred within one week of your salon visit – please inform the salon directly so that they can organise to rectify the situation. The salon can be contacted during normal salon opening hours. 

5.  We ask that if there is a problem with your hair or beauty treatment, that you speak to the salon first and do not go to another salon to sort it out. We will no longer be liable for the issue if we have not had the opportunity to see it prior to treatment being seeked elsewhere.

6.  We request when explaining a problem or fault that you do so in a calm and clear manner. Any abusive language or intimidating /threatening behaviour or treatment towards our staff will not be tolerated in any form, as clarified in our Code of Conduct, and you may be refused further treatment.

7.  If we cannot fix the problem – you may be entitled to a partial or full refund depending on the scenario. We will treat every case uniquely, depending on the scale of a problem.

8.  If a resolution cannot be agreed after having followed our customer complaints policy, you are within your rights, as we are within ours - to contact an alternative dispute resolution provider. This way, one party will hear both sides of the disagreement and help fix things. The agreement then becomes legally binding. This is a cheaper alternative to seeking legal action.

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