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1.  SunnyHair will remain open for the full duration of their advertised opening hours and will serve customers at any time during these opening hours. Any service or treatment requested that may not be completed by the closing time is up to the discretion of the salon manager, who may decide to accept or refuse the order.

2.  The salon adheres to health and safety regulations set in place and is kept at an optimal level of cleanliness and hygiene at all times. Any concerns on cleanliness should be raised with the salon manager at the immediate time.

3.  Our staff will adhere to rules and policies set out in our staff handbook at all times to ensure all practises and procedures are kept in place. 


4.  All customers, new and existing can expect to be greeted warmly every time on arrival. Our staff will act with professionalism and integrity at all times and will not be confrontational or combative.

5. Customers will not be refused service from our salon based on age, sex, race, ethnicity or religious beliefs. 

6.  We expect customers to come in with a friendly attitude and not be intimidating, threatening or abusive towards our staff. Our staff retain the right to refuse to serve anyone in breach of this. This also counts for customers seen to be creating a health or safety issue for staff and other customers.

7.  Our staff will aim to provide the best possible treatment and service possible for any customer during their time within the salon. They will offer complete transparency in recommending products they are using and explaining what they are doing. They will also offer professional advice to help achieve and maintain a great look, when asked.


8.  Customers are allowed to ask the staff member providing their treatment about products being used and for advice on hair and beauty, to which our staff will only be too happy to answer.

9.  Customers may be allowed to make requests about the environment around them in the salon to which staff may take under consideration. They will always endeavour to create an ambient environment. 

10.  On completion of services provided, all customers will be expected to pay, in full, the price as quoted by the salon member upon checkout. This will be via card or cash, no other form of payment is accepted. We will follow up on all attempts not to pay, with the potential of passing your details to the Police for prosecution. Failure to pay due to dissatisfactory service will be dealt with in accordance to our customer complaints policy.


11.  In the rare occasion where a customer is unhappy with the service that has been provided– we ask you to refer to our Customer Complaints policy.

12.  SunnyHair operates a no refund policy on treatments and services. In rare occasions where these are disputed, we would again refer to our Customer Complaints policy.

13.  We aim to make every customer enjoy their time in the salon, remove any stress they have going in and to offer the best service possible to ensure customers leave over satisfied so they want to come back again and again. 

14. Our cancelation policy is strictly 24 hours notice for all guests. If we have 3 late cancelations or 3 ‘no shows’ within a year - where appointments are booked but no cancellation is given by phone or email – then we reserve the right to refuse any further services from the Salon. 

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