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👻 Halloween Hairstyles That Don't Require a Costume!👻

October is upon us! It's time to start thinking about what Halloween look you're going to surprise everybody with this year. But if you're anything like us, buying a new costume each year can be quite pricey. So we've put together a few of our favourite hairstyles that are so fantastic, you won't need to spend lots of money on a costume!

Ice Queen 🌬️

This spine chilling hairstyle is very simple but dramatic and will ensure you turn heads, during your halloween celebrations. Back comb the front top section of your hair and pin your locks up into an up-do of your choice. Then simply spray your roots (and the rest of your hair if desired) with white hairspray and add lots of hair glitter for a frosty finish. With some heavy make-up this hairstyle will look truly incredible

Cat Ears🐾

We love these super cool cat ears that you create with your hair! Though this hair style looks daunting, once you know how to do it, it really isn't that hard! Simply tie your hair into 2 high tight pigtails, pop a flexi rod through the hair under the hair-tie and fold it over to make a triangle on top of your head. Then separate your pigtail into 2 sections, wrap the first section round the flexi rod triangle and use some hair grips to pin down, then do the same with the second section of the pigtail. Repeat the process on the other side and spray some hairspray to hold in place. Viola!

Medusa 🐍

Unless you are a braid guru, you may need someone to give you a hand with this one. Separate your hair into 3 tiers, one closest to your face, a smaller one around the middle of your crown and finally a smaller one and the top of your crown. Then braid each section into a halo style braid and pin down with bobby pins, then grab yourself some rubber snakes from a local pound store and weave them through the braids. This is a super fun halloween look, that will guarantee you turn heads!

Lioness 🦁

This is perfect for those last minute halloween fixes. Volume is the key to reach full 'Lioness' mode, so whether you choose to leave your hair natural or curl it for added texture, you'll need to spray your locks with lots of texturising spray, then flip your head over and scrunch your locks. Repeat this process until your hair is at your preferred volume. If you want to go super 'mane' like, back comb your roots and the underneath layers of your hair and grab yourself some bronze hair-makeup.

Audrey Hepburn 👑

If you were hoping for a more elegant look this halloween, why not try Audrey Hepburn's, classic Holly Golightly look! You don't have to manage the identical copy of the elaborate up-do that Audrey is renowned for, simply pin your hair up into a high up do; if you have a fringe leave some of it out or if you don't, a little quiff at the front will work just as well. Finish off with a little tiara (of course) and you're good to go!

We hope you have a terrifyingly great Halloween and If you need help achieving your spine-tingling look, why not book in with one of our stylists who will help you achieve your perfect look! Note: If you'd like special accessories or coloured hairspray with your look, don't forget to bring them in with you!


🍬 Spooctacular Treats! 🍬

If you're coming to the salon this October don't forget to help yourself to a sweet from our 'No Tricks Just Treats' bowl!

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