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Top 5 Must-Try Hair Colours of Summer 2019

It's Summer; time for sun tans, holidays, beaches, cocktails and of course a hair revamp! If you're wondering what hair colour to model this summer, then look no further as we have put together a list of our top 5 Hair colours for Summer 2019!

Living Coral

Coral is THE colour of 2019! It's for the brave and bold-hearted but promises to look fabulous on anyone who dares to try it. With celebrities such as Julia Roberts and Busy Phillipps showing off how this stunning shade makes their skin glowy and bright! The golden undertones, compliment and soften all skin tones and enhance every eye colour - making blue and green eyes pop and warming the browns.

The Mallen Streak

This look is inspired by those with a natural mallen streak (a section of hair with little to no pigment), with 2019 seeing this look as an opportunity for individual expression and glamour. The technique is done similar to classic highlighting but on a larger section of hair and normally with 2 streaks to frame both sides of your face. Using similar but lighter tones to the rest of your hair creates a natural glamour effect.

Hollywood Opal

We're so obsessed with these Opal pastel shades. They're not as audacious as statement colours but are still vibrant enough to give you an edge. The pearlescent effect is the perfect balance of playful and sophisticated, and will leave everyone in awe of your gorgeous locks. If you don't fancy the rainbow versions of this stunning look, the grey and cool blonde tones are more subtle but just as beautiful.

Black Monotone

If the light and bright colours aren't for you, no need to worry because this stunning Ink Black is having it's moment this year. It's a jet black shade, with subtle hints of blue and lots of gloss, to give you a stunning reflective look for those upcoming beautiful summer days. It's the perfect combo of bold and adventurous but still low-maintenance, as the grow out phase isn't so obvious.

Golden Honey

Though we love an ashy - platinum blonde, it's not a colour that suits everyone. So why not go for a slightly darker and warmer shade? This Honey-Gold Blonde works and warms all skin tones, helping to achieve a pretty, youthful look. It's the perfect shade to wear with curls and tousled waves to really amplify the beachy-vibes this summer.

No matter what colour you would like to show off this summer, book your appointment with one of our experience stylists now who will help you achieve the best look for you!

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