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How to Slay your Brows!

Style Your Brows to Flatter Your Face!

Eyebrows have the capacity to 'make or break' your look. Good eyebrows flatter your face, improve its symmetry, enhance your eyes and can even some knock years off you! However, like with haircuts, eyebrows aren't one-size-fits-all; brow shapes change from person to person depending on face dimensions. To make it easier for you to achieve your perfect brows, we've created a Brows Do's and Don't's list for each lovely face on for a guide on how to slay your brows!



For round faces, a high arch is recommended as it helps the face to appear less broad. The higher the arch the more length you're giving to your face which will in-turn open up your eyes. It will also accentuate facial bone structure that may not be present.


Avoid a rounded brow shape, as it will accentuate the shape of your face and in turn minimise facial definition.



A square jaw is a prominent feature on a your face, balance it with a well defined, strong coloured brow that has a soft angle/arch. This will soften the angles of your face and add depth.


Don't over pluck and create a thin brow. You want to draw some attention to the top half of your face to balance the strong jaw line, so try to ensure your brows are thick. Also avoid an overly curved brow or arch that will accentuate your angular jaw line.



Opt for a straight brow - flat and elongated. This will widen the face, and give a more youthful rounder appearance. Extend the tails of your brows slightly past the corner of your eyes to give the elusion of more width, thus rebalancing the look of your face.


Ensure your brows aren't arched. The curve will add further length to your face which is the opposite of what you want to do.



This shape is considered to be the ideal face shape (so congratulations if you're blessed with it!) A soft angled brow adds to the harmony of your already exemplary face shape.


Stay clear of any sharp or dramatic changes, such as a high arch or flattened elongated brow as this will alter the appearance of your already symmetrical face shape.



Heart shaped faces (that is a wider forehead and sharp chin) should aim for a low arch, rounded brow, to soften the more angular areas of your face as well as compliment the roundness on the top of your face. Keep your brows well groomed - a tighter brow will help balance the smaller chin and jawline.


Stay clear of a high arch; it's too dramatic for your chin. Though you should ensure your brows are well manicured, avoid over-plucking and making them too thin.



Diamond faces (wide cheeks with a narrow chin and forehead) should opt for a curved brow. This will soften the sharp taper of your jawline as well as lift up your face, rebalancing and softening the wider area of your face.


Avoid straight brows, as they will emphasise your wider cheeks and flatten your face.


No matter your face and brow shape, there are a few golden rules that all of us should follow to attain our perfect brows:

  1. The head of the brow should begin at the bridge of your nose.

  2. The arch should be around two-thirds of the way out, NOT central.

  3. Maintain thickness of brow from the head up to the arch, then taper thinner towards the tail.

  4. The tail of the brow should NEVER sit lower than the head of the brow. They should sit on the same level or the tail be slightly higher.

We hope this Do's and Don'ts list has helped give you better insight into your ideal brow shape. At SunnyHair we do eyebrow threading, waxing and brow tinting, so book an appointment with us now and we'll help you achieve your ideal brow look!

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