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Get Your Body, Beach Ready!

Hair removal should be at the top of your to do list on the days leading up to your holiday. Though there are many options for removing hair, we believe waxing is your best option for optimal results on your holiday. Other than laser hair removal (which is very expensive and usually consists of a 6 month course), Waxing will keep you hair-free for the longest amount of time - roughly around 3-5 weeks, with a silky smooth result.

If you're heading to our salon to get your body hair removed, don't forget to prep your skin. We suggest exfoliating the area thoroughly the night before your appointment to get rid of any dead skin, which will reduce the chances of getting bumps and in-grown hairs, as well as ensure a smoother overall finish.

As well as full body and face waxing, we also offer other beauty services such as threading, and lash and brow tinting, so book your beauty appointments with us now and we'll make sure you look and feel amazing before setting off on your summer break!

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