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Top 5 Curly Hair Hacks!

Being a curly girl can be tough. One minute your curls are looking defined and long with just the right amount of volume, and the next they're frizzy, dry and heading in all different directions. Most curlies have learnt not to expect too much from their hair and just let it sit how it wants, however here are a few curly hacks that will help make your curls more manageable and avoid those bad hair days!

Overnight Deep Conditioning

To help keep the dryness at bay, deep conditioning weekly is a must! It keeps your hair healthy and nourished as well be more cooperative - and who doesn't want that? But this can be long and time consuming, as you wait for the mask to work.*

HACK: Simply go about your normal wash regime before bed and after applying your shampoo and conditioner, add some deep conditioner but do not rinse out. Let the treatment work it's magic overnight and rinse it out the following morning and style to your desire.

*If you're yet to find a conditioning mask that works well for your hair, we recommend the Wella Professionals Enrich Mask, it's super rich and concentrated, leaving your hair deeply nourished and healthy. Available in store at SunnyHair while stocks last.

Cold Water Rinse

Cold water works wonders for dry, brittle hair. Cold water seals in moisture, by closing the hair shaft; the outcome? Less frizz and more shine! But don't worry we aren't suggesting you torture yourself with a long freezing cold shower....

HACK: Wash as normal, but make the final rinse cold water. Make a habit of doing this every time you wash your hair, whether it be a full wash or a quick refresh; the more you do this, the healthier your hair will begin to look.

T-Shirt Hair Wrap

Most curlies realise standard cotton towels are quite harsh and damaging on the hair, so many invest in soft microfibre towels. We highly recommend this...however if you don't want to invest in a new towel right now, we've got the hack for you!

HACK: Use a standard cotton T-shirt! It will soak up the excess water whilst preventing frizz, and it won't damage your hair in the process. No special technique is required just wrap it round your hair, as you would a towel at let it soak up all the unwanted moisture, leaving your hair frizz-free and smooth.

Cold Blow-Dry

Many of you know that straightening your hair is extremely damaging to the curl. The heat weakens the cuticle and saps away all the moisture your hair needs to look and feel nourished. This also applies when you're drying your hair with a blowdryer - the heat will damage the curl and create frizz.*

HACK: If you don't have time to air dry, use the coldest setting your dryer offers...and of course a diffuser. It may take longer for your hair to dry than on full heat, however you won't be fighting with damaged curls.

*Finding a good, reliable hairdryer can be tough, our stylists recommend the GHD Air Hairdryer, it's super fast at drying your locks, while advanced ionic technology reduces frizz and flyaways to give a smooth salon-style finish. Available to buy in-store at SunnyHair while stocks last.

Refresh Curls

To ensure your curls look fabulous throughout the week, in between each wash you will need to refresh the curls to revitalise them. However, overstyling with too many products can can weigh the hair down and create build-up.

HACK: Limit the heavy products to immediately after it's washed whilst it's still wet. To refresh the curl, aim to use just 1 lightweight product* and water to give it more moisture. Add your favourite leave-in product in a spray bottle with water and spray where necessary to hydrate the curls.

*One of our favourite lightweight products to refresh and hydrate Curly hair is the Wella Care Elements Leave-in Conditioner Spray. It's light enough for daily use, whilst also being hydrating enough to renew your dry curls. Available to buy in-store at SunnyHair while stocks last.

We hope you find these tips helpful, for more information feel free to ask one of the stylists in our salon at your next appointment. In the meantime make sure you look after your hair, and embrace the curls because they're beautiful!

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