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Who runs the world? Girls!

Most Inspirational Hair Icons With today being International Women's day today, we thought we would honour some of the most inspirational Hair Icons to have graced the hair and beauty industry over the decades. We owe it to a number of strong women who have influenced our society for the better, who have changed how women are viewed and who have helped our beautiful women feel more confident in their own skin. Here's SunnyHair's Top 5 most inspirational women icons in the Hair and beauty industry!

1. Marilyn Monroe

Who other than Ms Monroe could we possibly have started with? Though the jaw dropping actress was born with red curly locks, she's most known for her show-stopping platinum blonde, wavey bob. A lady who defined Hollywood, not only for her style but for her support for the Civil Rights Movement, as well as her fight against Child abuse. Despite much ridicule, she never stopped fighting for what she believed in. Monroe lives on, as she continues to inspire many red carpet looks and women, today.

2. Audrey Hepburn

After rising to fame in the early 60's with her legendary neat, yet volumous chignons, this glamorous icon has become an inspiration not just for her generation but for many across the centuries. She redefined 'natural beauty' and what it means to be 'womanly'; not only with her modest appearance but also with her extensive humanitarian efforts. Her hard work, inspired a non-profit organisation named Audrey Hepburn Children’s Fund to be established for suffering and ill-treated children worldwide. The true epitome of class and grace.

3. Jennifer Anniston

The actress became a hair icon, with the short, layered, face framing 'Rachel' do of course when she starred in 'Friends' in the mid-90's. Since then, she has perfected many looks, from sleek and chic to big tousled waves, from short bobs to long highlighted locks. However, the true reason she wins our hearts, lies with her courage to speak out against the media culture for scrutinising and dehumanising women. Though she has been the target of much prejudice due to her marital and maternal status', she has proven to be a strong, independent woman with a successful career that demands respect. She is a reminder that we define our own happiness.

4. Victoria Beckham

Notorious for constantly changing her hairstyle, our sophisticated 'Posh Spice' gives women the confidence to try something new, and step outside the box. With her fashion bravery, we are certain she has rocked every stylish hairstyle out there. From short blonde pixie cuts, to long, perfect beach waves, and everything in between - whatever the style, you name it, she's perfected it! In addition to being a true hair icon, Victoria is a mother of 4, owns her own fashion line, and is also an ambassador for an Aids charity, as well a patron for many other organisations. In 2017, this hardworking Brit was awarded an OBE for her services to Fashion and Charity work.

5. Halle Berry

Well you can't say her name and not immediately think of her iconic pixie cuts. She has wowed the world with her countless variations of this cut since the 90's. Her signature pixie style changed the way society views short hair, proving how feminine and sexy it really looks! This stunning actress is an inspiration for countless women, her strength and determination has meant that she is the only actress of African-American decent, to have ever won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 2003. She continues to inspire us with her considerable work in domestic violence intervention and protection programs, over the past 15 years.

Though there are countless other women who have made their mark on the hair industry over the years, we could only pick a few. In light of International Women's day we would just like to thank all our amazing female clients, you all are an inspiration to us, and we hope we can continue to help you grow in confidence and help you love yourselves!

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