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Our Favourite Christmas  Hairstyles Anyone Can Do!

The Holidays are fast approaching, so it's time to get into that festive mode. Christmas hair doesn't need to be big bouncy blowdry's and hollywood waves that take hours to achieve; we've created a compilation of our favourite seasonal hairstyles that are quick and easy for anyone to create. Pick your favourite style and rock it this festive season!

1. The Holly & Ivy Bun 🌿

If you’re opting for a bun – make it fun! Adding a touch of artificial Christmas foliage to your look, is the perfect way to get festive! Keep the look relaxed by leaving some hair to frame your face. Delicately curling the hair with will add texture and volume to your up-do, and secure the seasonal look using bobby pins.

2. The Ribbon 🎀

We love this look! It's a simple style, but the half-up, half down look is effortlessly glamorous when you pair it with tousled waves, and a ribbon to jazz up your hairstyle; what a simple yet effective way to add festivity to your look! Pick your festive coloured ribbon and add it to this elegant hairstyle and you're good to go!

3. Decorative Plait 🖤

A plait worn at the base of the neck and tied with a ribbon or hair accessory epitomises laidback luxe. Plaits don’t have to be tight and taut – this decorative plait showcases a loose, breezy style, perfect for those relaxed festive days. Loosely braiding sections of your hair and leaving some hair out to frame the face, guarantees a understated finish to your braid hairstyle.

4. Curly Ponytail ✨

This Pony tail is perfect for when you can’t decide between an up-do or down-do. Voluptuous and textured at the back, yet swept clean off the face. After creating curls with a curl wand pull the hair back into a low pony, leaving some hair loose at the front will frame the face. Accessorise with some beads or pins for an extra festive look, because if you can’t thread your hair with gold beads at Christmas, when can you?

5. Halo Braid 👼

Angelic and innocent, make this braid a signature festive look Angelic and innocent, make this braid a signature festive look whether you're going to a fancy Christmas gala or to your mums house, this braid is a go-to for anyone who wants to create an impact with minimal effort. Though this hairstyle looks difficult, it's just a simple braid and pin technique. Whether you have long, short, curly or straight hair, this braid is for you!


Tis the Look After your Locks!

The Winter months can put a lot of stress on your hair and scalp; with cold frosty weather, combined with dry indoor heat it's no wonder split ends and heavy breakage is difficult to avoid. We've spoken to our stylists, Elena and Hajrije, at the salon to find out what their go-to Winter Product is, to keep your locks feeling strong and healthy! Here's what they had to say...

Wella Professionals Enrich

'This is our Winter Holy Grail range of products! They're perfect to give your hair that extra TLC in these harsher months. We especially recommend the Wella Professionals Enrich Self Warming treatment, as it vital in these colder months to use something that will get deep into the hair follicle. When you apply this to your wet hair, it begins to warm up; this opens up the cuticle so the product can be more effectively absorbed and begin to take affect. This treatment although very moisturising, is lightweight and won't weigh your hair down. It's suitable for all hair types and an absolute MUST for everyone!.'

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