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Spine Tingling Ideas!

Celebrity Hairstyles to Inspire your Halloween Look! 👻

If you're celebrating halloween this year and struggling with what look to rock, here's some celebrity hairstyles that can inspire your whole Halloween costume!

1. Big, Voluminous Curls

Nothing says 'Halloween Glam' like a big curly 'do! Whether you want to go for a full 80's style or rock a metal band mate style - the bigger the better! Don't forget to top up on your can of hairspray for this look!

2. Crown Braids

If you prefer a 'sweeter' look, why not opt for this Heidi-style braid. It's simple and easy to do, just tuck a tiara into the braid and stick on a tulle skirt and viola! You're a fairy princess!

3. Sky-high Ponytail

Pair this look with gauzy harem pants and stick some jewels onto your skin and go as a genie...Or channel Gabby Douglas and loop the tail of your hair through a scrunchie and get as close as you’ll ever be to feeling like an Olympic gymnast.

4. Faux (or Real!) Bob

Curl the ends of your hair to get a Marilyn Monroe look, or straighten the hell out of your hair, throw on oversized-sunglasses and an icy glare and call yourself Anna Wintour. If you don’t actually have short hair, and don't want to wear a wig, fake a bob by rolling and pinning the ends of your hair to the nape of your neck with bobby pins and hairspray.


🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃

If you're coming to the salon this October don't forget to help yourself to a sweet from our 'No Tricks Just Treats' bowl!

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