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The Hair Treatment Celebrities swear by!

With Summer being so hot this year, your hair is probably looking rather parched...well don't suffer through it! At SunnyHair we are offering an amazing deal on our Olaplex services that are bound to leave your hair feeling and looking healthy and nourished!

Everything you need to know about Olaplex!

Olaplex has been the most talked about product for damaged hair since late last year. It's popularity is shared with both industry specialists and celebrities alike, including Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow and the queen of glam herself, Kim Kardashian - who swears by it.

If you’ve had plenty of deep-conditioning, hydrating, moisturising treatments over the years but found them to be ultimately disappointing, then Olaplex is a MUST-TRY for you! Unlike traditional salon treatments, that smother your locks in moisture to mask your hair damage, Olaplex works to actually mend the structure of the hair and repair the damage,

Olaplex works by rebuilding and strengthening the bonds in your hair that have separated and split due colour, chemical or heat damage - meaning that after just one treatment, your frazzled ends will be left looking a lot healthier, and hnd silkier (team with a quick trim for maximum effect).

Olaplex is normally reccomended as an add-on treatment when you're doing some sort of chemical process such as colouring, however it is also just as great as a standalone treatment to give your locks some extra love...which we all know, is well needed in this summer heat! At SunnyHair we are offering you an AMAZING Olaplex treatment deal for ONLY £25 on it's own or £20 when using it with colour. It's a limited time offer so get it while you can!

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