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5 Of Our Favourite Festival Hairstyles You Just HAVE to try!

With the wonderful festival season finally upon us, you're probably wondering what look to rock this year...well we thought we'd help you out by putting together our top 5 favourite festival looks for Summer 2018.

1. Braids, Waves & Chains

We just love this look. Braid the top of the head and leave loose waves free to create a stunning chic boho look that is guaranteed to help you really get into the festival mood! To give this look an extra lift add rings down the centre of the braid. Just WOW!

2. Beaded Boho

Though this hairstyle is simple it is sure to set you apart from the crowd. Deep set waves with gold accessories is all you need to create this stunning festival look.

3. Fun in the Bun

As we already can't go wrong with a 'messy' bun. Leave some hair out to frame your face and decorate your look with a bright floral crown to emphasise the festival twist.

4. Double Braided Buns

This style just screams festival chic! Not only is it practical as it will keep your hair out of your face, it is also super-cute! It's not as hard as it looks to create - it's just an upside down french braid, so give it a try!

5. Glitter Dutch Braids

We adore this hairstyle. It's playful and practical, go double-Dutch on top while keeping your ends free, then sprinkle your favourite colour glitter onto your braids for the ultimate festival hairstyle!

Click here for a list of upcoming festivals you want might want to rock your new festival inspired look at! And if you need help achieving your stunning festival look, why not book in with one of our stylists who will help you achieve your perfect look! * * Note: If you'd like accessories with your look, bring them in as our stylists won't be able to supply any.

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