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Hair & Beauty by SunnyHair Data Privacy Policy

At Hair & Beauty by SunnyHair, we take your data and privacy seriously. We know you have chosen to come to our salon and by obtaining your data, we aim to protect it as if it was our own. It stays within the salon and its managerial group who ensure customer data is kept secure, and never to hand it to any third parties.

Our SunnyHair Data Privacy Promise ensures the following:

You've chosen to come to us for the SunnyHair experience. To make sure you enjoy your experience again and again, we like to keep you in the loop. We aim to send news, features and offers that we feel our customers might enjoy or would like to take advantage of occasionally. This is done via email and text, but only if you have supplied us this information.


Our salon staff are known for their honesty. If something has been said to us or put on to a booking - whether it be a medical or skin condition, or even just confiding in one of our stylists or beauticians on your latest visit - you can be sure that it will not go beyond the salon walls.


Just because you've visited our salon, it doesn't mean you have to be sent anything you don't want from us. If we have sent you one thing too many communications, and you wish to remove yourself from our mailing list for emails or texts - simply tell us and we will remove you. It's your right to decide who has access to your data and for what purposes.

We realise at Hair & Beauty by SunnyHair that "Customers are a privilege which should be honoured, not an everyday expectation."

That's why your continued service and loyalty is of major importance to us, and we aim to protect your data in order to reflect our ethos of putting the customer first.

If you have any questions, wish to have your data removed from our system, or wish to sign up to other services we offer - please get in contact with us and we will put it to action.

Get in touch with us via email or phone: / 020 7281 0127

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