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The Stunning Bronde Trend

Bronde hair colours have been seen everywhere, from fashion weeks to beauty articles, and we simply love it. Its chic yet casual look makes it one of the most amazing trends we’ve seen recently.

But what is Bronde exactly?

It is the perfect combination of brown and blonde shades to achieve a natural sun-kissed look. Light and dark tones mix wonderfully together, looking like natural rays of sun throughout the hair.

bronde haired girl


Bronde is a simple transition from brunette to blonde, forming a uniform look. With its Bronde Luxe collection, Wella has completely redefined and expanded it, turning bronde into an intentionally created prestige colour with enticing nuances of pearl, olive and coffee. Giving the Bronde hair trend the Couture Colour touch, Wella Professionals are reaching new heights!

Inspired by the placement of lights and shadows, Wella re-invents the concept of bronde with Bronde Luxe, pushing the boundaries and transforming this technique into a new, ultra-luxurious trend. In Bronde Luxe, darker elements that perfectly balance the light craft a new, completely unseen, shadowed light, transitioning across different shades from dark brown to ice blonde. Then Wella goes even further, pushing bronde hair dye into different colour spaces with reds and violets: a whole new premium spectrum that gives bronde more than one face.

bronde haired girl

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